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The Gravel Bikepacking Challenge 500 & 250 KM

For those who are more adventurous than the average person!

GBC 250 / 500 2024 results

The concept of GBC500 and 250

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The idea behind the challenge is to showcase the Eastern Townships region on some of the most beautiful and least-known roads in the world. Are you daring enough to line up at the start of the Gravel Bikepacking Challenge? Come and explore the hidden treasures of the Eastern Townships region, its unusual gravel roads, breathtaking scenery, charming villages and exceptional local produce.

Whether your goal is to beat the record over the 500-kilometre distance, or to exceed your limits for 250 kilometers, the GBC promises to be a rewarding adventure where the spirit of mutual aid and the passion for cycling meet.

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The gravel bike is a fabulous ways of discovery...



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How it works

A few weeks before departure, we will send you the route in digital format. The start is in time trial format. Along the way, you will have mandatory checkpoints in unexpected places of exceptional beauty. You will have the opportunity to discover several shops and local products to taste on site. The route on the most beautiful roads in the Eastern Townships is 75% on dirt roads and gravel tracks, with a few sections on paved country roads (15%). The difficulty level of your challenge will depend on the choices you have to make when registering:

Some will be looking to set a personal record, while others will take up to 4 days to complete this cycling challenge. But no matter which category joins you, know that the Gravel Bikepacking Challenge will make you live an extraordinary human and sporting adventure, and this, in one of the most beautiful regions of Quebec.

A video... what better way to get started!


As in previous years, you must choose your distance (250 km or 500 km) and your category (solo or duo). You always have the choice of doing it on an electric-assist bike or a traditional bike. Here’s what’s new for 2024

  • You have 4 days, or around 60 hours, to complete the challenge, from Saturday June 29 to July 2.
  • Starting Saturday June 29 at 6am, you can ride until midnight maximum, then dark zone compulsory until Sunday 6am.
  • Sunday June 30: course opens at 6am until midnight. Dark zone compulsory until 6am the following day.
  • Official opening times for Monday July 1 and Tuesday July 2 are 6am to 10pm. Dark Zone from 10pm to 6am compulsory.
  • By choosing the assisted category, you can have an external support team at meeting points determined by the organization (4 for the 500km and 2 for the 250KM). Assistants must follow a road book to reach the Pit Stops.
  • If you choose the unassisted category,you ride autonomously from start to finish, withno external assistance planned.

The gravel bike is a fabulous ways of discovery...



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Distances over 4 days

meters D +
meters D +


Compulsory material




Solo 250

$ 295

Duo 250 km

$ 560

solo 500km

$ 475

500 km Duo

$ 895

tariff change

December 8 to January 1: 500 KM (Solo $475 Duo $895) 250 KM (Solo $295 Duo $560)

January 1 to March 1: 500 KM (Solo $495 Duo $950) 250 KM (Solo $345 Duo $655)

From March 1 to May 1: 500 KM (Solo 525$ Duo 995$) 250 KM (Solo 365$ Duo 695$)

May 1 to June 21: 500 KM (Solo $575 Duo $1100) 250 KM (Solo $425 Duo $810)

Refund policy*:
Until 31/12: 90% refundable
Up to 28/02: 50% refundable Up to 30/04: 30% refundable Up to 1/05: Non-refundable *Trireg fees are non-refundable.


What your registration includes

Relive the emotions of the GBC500!

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To guide your preparation, here are a few interesting links:

Here is an informative report on how to prep your bike:

Another article about the equipment used by the woman who holds the record for a bike trip around the world:

All the products needed for bikepacking are available at the VéloCafé store in Magog

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