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GBC500 Pionneers

A series of video portraits of athletes who embarked on the adventure of a 500 km gravel bike without really knowing what they were getting into since it was the first edition!
Brave? Thirsty for adventure? Crazy for cycling? Completely crazy? Find out who they are!

First video in the 2020 GBC 500 Pioneer Series.

The two great friends: Serge Lacroix and Claude Roy

It seems that the first edition did not scare them enough 😉

They are back for 2021!

Lyne Bessette and Benoit Simard no longer need a presentation in the world of great sporting adventures and exploits. In 2020 they reached the finish of the 500km in less than 24 hours! They will be back and we would be surprised if they decide to go softer this year, but they will definitely have more food on them. 😉
Bruno Langlois from Vélo Cartel completed the first edition of in 6:44 pm !!! Is this proof of mental strength or sheer image madness? 😉
P.S small important note: Note that you will have 144 hours to pass the presented by Argon 18, so no need to have been a professional cyclist to take the start and reach the finish!
The Hamel family has adventure in their blood and the bicycle tattooed on their skin!
Old Michel Hamel and his son Félix Hamel were from the first edition of Both will be back to start on August 14
Brigitte Benoit has been a pioneer of adventure raids and great adventures for many years. Brigitte was at the start and finish of the GBC 500 presented by Argon 18
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